"Love never fails..." 

I Corinthians 13:8


What is this? 

#LoveStrong is a marriage enrichment weekend where couples will get to learn, grow, and cherish together. Whether you have been married for fifty days or fifty years, and all years in between; whether your marriage feels like a dream or a nightmare, #LoveStrong is for all couples. 

What will I get? 

  1. Prepare/Enrich personalized marriage assessment. The best-personalized marriage assessment tool in the world. Every couple will receive their personalized assessment, revealing strength and growth areas along with customized exercises and activities that foster better communication and connection. Your responses will be private. Only you and your spouse will see them.  Cost $35

  2. Marriage Coaching Coaching through your personal marriage assessments with pastor Diego Boquer. 

  3. Relevant Seminars from speakers who have been married for over a decade.  

  4. Delicious Breakfast on Saturday morning, April 23

  5. Three hours of child-care on Saturday, April 23 from 4 to 7 pm. 

  6. Refreshments on Saturday night, April 23.

  7. An official Vows Renewal Ceremony on Saturday, April 23

  8. One picture taken during the Vow Renewal ceremony taken by a professional photographer.

  9. Two menu items from Urban Life Center on Sunday from 1:30 to 3 pm. 

  10. A Certificate of Completion 

  11. Prizes, handouts, and much more. 

When will it be? 

Friday through Sunday, April 22-24


Friday - April 22

8:00 PM - Virtual Opening session 

Intentional Marriage with Dr. Eli Rojas

Opening seminar with Dr. Eli Rojas. (Chesapeake Conference Ministerial and Family Ministries Director)

This seminar will be held virtually through Zoom. Participants will receive a private zoom link before the opening night. 


Baltimore White Marsh SDA Church. 7427 Rossville blvd. Rosedale, Maryland 21237


9:15 to 10:45 am

Eat & Learn session with Pastor Diego Boquer

(a nutritious and delicious breakfast will be served)

Marriage Group Coaching through Prepare/Enrich Marriage Assessment tool with pastor Diego Boquer. Find out your strength and growth areas together. Learn effective new ways to communicate and understand your spouse.  Develop powerful listening skills and techniques that can make an immediate positive difference.

11:00 am

Worship Service 

Join our church at worship hour as pastor Diego preaches a relevant message to all families. Discover that there is real hope for any marriage situation. 


(child care will be provided for the entire duration of the program. Ages 2 to 12)

4 pm 

Joint Session with the Ezihe and Charles Nwadi

Join the Nwadis in a heart-to-heart conversation about marriage as we get warmed up for the afternoon workshops. Get ready for some healthy icebreakers and much fun. 

4:30 - 5:20 Workshops 

Workshop 1 - Rocky Quashie (WOMEN ONLY) 

Let's Talk Sex: 7 Habits of Couples Who Have Great Sex.

Sexual intimacy among Christians is usually spoken of in hushed tones and a blanket of secrecy, guilt, and shame. The truth is sex was given to us by the Creator for His glory. Let's have a real discussion from a woman's perspective the 7 healthy habits that lead to the great sex God wants us to have."

Workshop 2 - Pastor Diego Boquer (GUYS ONLY) 

Good in Bed? 7 Reasons Why Men Are Not Getting Enough Action

Come and find out the eye-opening, mind-boggling, and preventable reasons why men are not having as much sex as they expect. This seminar will most likely change your understanding of sex, your roles as a man,  and how to satisfy your wife. Most importantly, understand how a Godly man can be a blessing to his wife, even in bed.

Workshop 3  with Nicole and Calvin Cowell (General Session)

5:30 - 6:10 pm 

Marital Intimacy: Making and Maintaining a Good Connection

What does real intimacy in marriage look like?  True intimacy is not just about sex, it includes emotional, spiritual, physical, and recreational connections.  Learn how to build intimacy in your marriage and feel truly seen/known by your spouse before even entering the bedroom. 

6:30 to 7 pm (General Session) 

Vows Renewal with Pastor Diego Boquer

Prepare yourself for an intimate and spiritual ceremony where you will be able to renew your vows before God and other couples. Come dress appropriately as a professional photographer will be available. 

SUNDAY - APRIL 24 with Pastor Diego Boquer

At Urban Life Center. 3223 Easter Avenue. Baltimore, MD 21224

Wrap-up session along with final Marriage Group Coaching through Prepare/Enrich assessment. Each couple will be able to choose two items from Urban Life Center's deliciously healthy menu. 


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Raquel Quashie

Family Ministry Team


Dr. Eli Rojas

Family and Ministerial Director for Chesapeake Conference of SDAs. 

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Calvin and Nicole Cowell

Family Ministries


Diego Boquer


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Charles and Ezihe Nwadi

Family Ministries


$75 per couple by April 17. 

Limited capacity to 20 couples. 

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"Through yeses and nos, comes and goes, kisses or hisses, you shall always be Mr. and Mrs."

Diego Boquer